Norsk Twilightblogg

Justin Chon i Sverige på Science Fiction messen + intervju



Forks Twilight – en Svensk Twilight blogg, har vært så heldig å intervjue han!

Have you read the Twilight Saga and what do you think about it? 
– Yeah! It’s great!

Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Team Sweden! *skratt*

If you weren’t working as an actor, what would you work with today?
– A surfer.

Why do you think so many people love Twilight?
– It’s a modern romantic lovestory.  There haven’t been so many love movies since Titanic. Bella is a normal girl like anyone with an amazing man.

Can you describe yourself in three words?
– Cooky, crazy and… crazy!

Are you close to Kristen, Robert and Taylor?
– They are so busy right now! But when we do a work together we’re hanging out or eating dinner.


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